Revolutionize your advertising with our sign-holder !
Our multifunctional ‘MOBIL 1’ sign-holder is robust yet lightweight and incorporates numerous different devices. Easy to use, our sign-holder is essential for all your advertising needs adapted to all points of sale.

It’s effortless to transport due to its compact design, so you can spread your company’s message any time, any place – the possibilities are endless !
Nothing is easier than setting up the sign-holder – choose a time and a place, then use either the suction pad, four-feet stand, or post to place the sign in the ground, or even a baseplate to fix it on your vehicle. With our original design, one single support offers a whole range of different signage possibilities.

Transform your sign in less than 2 minutes - a POS with a banner in the shape of your visuals, or add a leaflet dispenser and
a touch-screen tablet integrated into a POS as an interactive accessory, then revert to a simple hanging banner
- and all this with the same sign-holder! Bring communication alive by using your mobile sign-holder for both short- and long
term marketing strategies.

Example : in the morning, you set up the sign-holder by fixing an interactive POS, including a tablet, in place with the suction
pad in a narrow indoor corridor.

Change of location in the afternoon – now you’re outside and you can set up the signholder using a stand with four feet,
attaching a banner and an A5 leaflet dispenser.

As afternoon becomes evening, it’s another change of location and with another new accessory, you can keep on advertising !
Searching for mobility, convenience and a genuine ease of use ? Look no further – Choose the sign-holder to suit you !

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Suitable for all your needs, whether short-term or open-ended !

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